AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, Sex Counselor, and Sex Coach

Looking for a Sexuality Educator or Sex Coach specializing in disability and sex after SCI? Please contact us for Sex Counseling today at 203-916-1970.

Dr. Tepper, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator and Sex Counselor, works as a sex coach and is available for speakingeducation, trainingcoaching and consulting. Many people interested in sex therapy and finding a certified sex therapist can be well served by a certified sex counselor or sex coach.

Sexual health services are available face-to-face, by phone call or by video conferencing.

Dr. Tepper's group sexuality education and one-to-one sex coaching provides the information and support you need to reclaim physical and emotional intimacy, and enjoy satisfying sexual relationships after suffering from a serious injury, illness, or disability. His ground breaking research on orgasm in people with spinal cord injury (SCI) has revealed secrets to pleasure and connectedness for everyone, regardless of disability, chronic illness, or overall health status.

Dr. Tepper's continuing education for health professionals focuses on how to provide comprehensive sexual health care to patients and clients. He is a highly sought after speaker and trainer who has delivered over 100 presentations to national associations, leading universities, and major rehabilitation hospitals across the country and around the world.

Phone consultations or video meetings can be scheduled directly with Dr. Tepper.

For in person meetings, Dr. Tepper offers half-day and full-day blocks of time and is available to travel to your location. Longer term corporate and non-profit consulting arrangements are also available.

Yearly coaching packages are available that include a half-day in-person meeting with Dr. Tepper, 30 minute scheduled phone or video meetings on a monthly basis, and six urgent 10 minute consultations.

Contact Dr. Tepper to discuss fee schedules. Use the contact page or call 203-916-1970.