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To end the silence around sexuality, disability, and chronic conditions.

If you are looking to Regain That Feeling after a serious injury or illness, if you think your disability is limiting your sexual potential and you want more out of life, if you are looking for a sex and relationship coach who has been there and has overcome every obstacle to succeeded in all areas of life, you came to the right place!

I bring a lifetime of first-hand experience as a person living well with a chronic condition and a disability to my calling as a Sexologist. I deliver it all to you, whether I'm coaching, speaking, educating and training, or consulting.

I don't just rely on my life experience as a person with a disability. I back up my experience with a master’s degree in public health from Yale University, a PhD in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania, a 30-year marriage, and a 20-year old son. I am also AASECT Certified as a Sexuality Educator, Educator Supervisor, and Sexuality Counselor, and I'm a licensed PAIRS Instructor.

You don't have to break your neck to be a great lover, but you can learn a lot from someone who has! Contact me now!


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Despite having a physical handicap, Dr. Tepper never let anything stand in his way, from  his academic pursuits to his social and personal goals. When I sat down to talk to Dr. Tepper it became clear that he faced life with a sense of humor and amusement. The style of coaching he exemplified was not only of empathy and care but he also managed combined it with a smile or a joke. Dr. Tepper is an individual that truly understands and appreciates life, and he has the mental tools and personality to overcome the obstacles of our ever so complex lives.


Dr. Tepper's spirited and open discussion helped to make this year's picnic one of our most successful and well attended ever! Certainly, the topic of sex helped and we were fortunate to have such an eloquent and well-known speaker... Dr. Tepper certainly showed our group how best to share information on an often-difficult subject to broach. We are very grateful for his knowledge, charisma, and willingness to have shared that with our group.

Bill Mancini
President, National Spinal Cord Injury Association, Connecticut Chapter

Dr. Tepper's presentation on a topic many consider delicate was done in a way that normalized concerns held by many when discussing intimacy, and immediately placed everyone attending at ease.  His teaching and presentation style was engaging, and he elicited maximum participation while also respecting individuals' personal boundaries. His use of humor and personal stories, as well as a frank presentation style, encouraged participants to shed discomfort, and to apply new knowledge and skills in facilitating discussion of intimacy problems and creative solutions with those we serve.

Mary G. Brownsberger, Psy.D. ABPP
Director of Psychology, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital

Dr. Tepper showed me how to be aware of some very important emotional states and the impact they have on me and other people. He also worked with me to improve my presentation skills in real life and online as well. Perhaps the most significant thing for me was to get down-to-the-point advice in certain situations, which Dr. Tepper helped me with ease with his understanding of the special needs that people with disabilities have. I can’t thank him enough and I consider myself one of a few people who had the luck to work with him.