If you are looking to Regain That Feeling after a serious injury or illness, if you think your disability is limiting your sexual potential and you want more out of life, if you are looking for a sex and relationship coach who has been there and has overcome every obstacle to succeeded in all areas of life, you came to the right place!

I bring a lifetime of first-hand experience as a person living well with a chronic condition and a disability to my calling as a Sexologist. I deliver it all to you, whether I'm coaching, speaking, educating and training, or consulting.

I don't just rely on my life experience as a person with a disability. I back up my experience with a master’s degree in public health from Yale University, a PhD in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania, a 30-year marriage, and a 19-year old son. I am also AASECT Certified as a Sexuality Educator, Educator Supervisor, approved CE provider, and Sexuality Counselor, and I'm a licensed PAIRS Instructor.

You don't have to break your neck to be a great lover, but you can learn a lot from someone who has! Contact me now!