My new book, Regain that Feeling, has just been released!


Surviving a serious injury or illness, or living with a chronic condition, brings a host of physical changes, emotional responses, and relationship challenges. Often you are left feeling like less of a man or woman, defective, undeserving of love, fearing rejection, and avoiding sex. However, injury or illness doesn’t have to end your sex life.
Through sharing my own story of sexual self-discovery after breaking my neck at age 20, and the stories of research participants and coaching clients, I reveal the secrets that will guide you back to feeling whole and fully alive again.
On the way I bust the top myths that are holding you or your loved one back, including:

  • I have no feeling therefore my sex life is over!
  • I’m not experiencing pleasure or orgasm anymore, so sex is pointless! Why bother?
  • My partner left me, cheated on me, avoided having sex with me, that means I’m not lovable and I’m not a capable partner.
  • No one will want a person with a disability as a lover.
  • Just give it time. Everything will fall into place.
  • If you have high self-esteem, everything else will follow.
  • I shouldn’t be thinking about sex right now, I should be focused on (fill in the blank).  

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